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tron identity disc
by harford hackerspace
A modified TRON identity disc, brought to life by a Netduino (advanced).

Tutorial and Source Code
Netduino Unboxing Video

By Harford Hackerspace
morse code decoder
by 'hari'
'hari' builds a morse code decoder using a light sensor and a Netduino (advanced).

Blog Post and Source Code

By 'hari' (Netduino Community)
grand prix track timer
by jarrod sinclair
A track timer for pinewood derby and grand prix races. No more tie races.

Project Showcase - Details

By Jarrod Sinclair
how to's
blinking an led
getting started
In this Getting Started video, we'll build our first Netduino App.

Source Code

By the Netduino Team
pushing the button
action and reaction
Now that we've learned how to control the LED, let's turn it on and off with the button.

Source Code

By the Netduino Team
advanced tutorials
event handlers
the button revisited
Learn how to use event handlers, a powerful tool for sophisticated projects.

Recommended for experienced users.

Source Code

By the Netduino Team
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