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wilderness labs
A pushbutton module.

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piezo buzzer
A piezo buzzer module.  Plays audio tones.

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A potentiometer module. Measures knob position with 10-bit precision.

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rgb led
A color mixing RGB LED module.  Supports 16 million color combinations.

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shield base
A module that provides compatibility with many Arduino shields.  Also for other general-purpose I/O needs.  Beta.

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ambient light
An ambient light module.  Measures light level (luminosity).  Includes both broadband and infrared sensors.

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gadgeteer adapter
An I/O expansion module for Gadgeteer component system compatibility.  Beta.

currently in design phase
A GoBus hub module.  Provides additional GoPorts for larger projects.

currently in design phase
An RS-232 module.  Connects to PCs, industrial equipment, sensors, and more.

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xbee adapter
An XBee adapter module.  Supports 802.15.4, Bluetooth, WiFi, ZigBee, and other XBee form factor modules.

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A reusable GoBus module prototyping platform. For creating custom modules and connecting other hardware.

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komodex labs
seven segment display
A 4-digit seven segment display module.

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character lcd
An HD44780-based character LCD module.

currently in design phase
breakout module
A breakout board for GoBus modules.  With features to help program and debug STM8-based modules.

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