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Software, meet hardware.

Netduino is an open source electronics platform using the .NET Micro Framework.

Featuring a 32-bit microcontroller and a rich development environment.
Suitable for engineers and hobbyists alike.

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Input. Output.

Interface with switches, sensors, LEDs, serial devices, and more.

Netduino combines 22 GPIOs with SPI, I2C, 4 UARTs (1 RTS/CTS), 6 PWM and 6 ADC channels.

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Code. Debug. Repeat.

.NET Micro Framework combines the ease of high-level coding and the features of microcontrollers.

Enjoy event-based programming, multi-threading, line-by-line debugging, breakpoints and more.

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Very expandable.

3rd-party accessories offer pre-built functionality like GPS location, servo control and battery power.

Netduino is also pin compatible with Arduino shields. Drivers are required for some Arduino shields.
Design files included.

Netduino is an open source electronics platform. Design files and source code are included.

Learn from the designs. Remix. Enjoy the freedom of open source.

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