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tools and documentation
development environment
netduino 3, netduino 2 and go
(and all boards upgraded to 4.3)
Please install in the following order:

  1 Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2013
  2 .NET Micro Framework SDK v4.3
  3 .NET MF plug-in for VS2013
  4 Netduino SDK v4.3.2.1
Optional support for older boards:
  ● Netduino Legacy Templates
netduino, netduino plus, and mini
Please install in the following order:

  1 Microsoft Visual C# Express 2010
  2 .NET Micro Framework SDK v4.2
  3 Netduino SDK v4.2.2.0 (32-bit) or
Netduino SDK v4.2.2.0 (64-bit)
  ● getting started guide (pdf)
  ● .NET Micro Framework (online help)
  ● st stm32f427 processor datasheet
  ● st stm32f405 processor datasheet
  ● st stm32f205 processor datasheet
  ● atmel sam7 processor datasheet
firmware updates
netduino 3, netduino 2 and go
  ● netduino firmware v4.3.2.3
release date: 18-Sep-2015
recommended books
Getting Started with Netduino

sample chapters (pdf)

03: first projects
07: sound and motion

Getting Started with the Internet of Things

sample chapters (pdf)

06: hello pachube
12: handing actuator requests
open source files
netduino hardware source
  ● netduino 1 schematics
  ● netduino 1 board layout
  ● netduino 2 schematics
  ● netduino 2 board layout
  ● netduino plus 1 schematics
  ● netduino plus 1 board layout
  ● netduino plus 2 schematics
  ● netduino plus 2 board layout
  ● netduino go schematics
  ● netduino go board layout
  ● netduino mini schematics
  ● netduino mini board layout
netduino firmware source
  ● .NET Micro Framework v4.3 source
  ● netduino 1 firmware v4.2.0 source
  ● netduino 2 firmware v4.3.1 source
  ● netduino go firmware v4.2.0 source
netduino sdk source
  ● netduino sdk v4.2.0 source
  ● installer project v4.3.0 (WiX)
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